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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 6/19/17

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week. This meme started with J Kaye’s Blog and then was taken up by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn at the Book Date.

I’ve been utterly lazy for days. I’m trying something new this week…less talk, more pictures.

The Book “Diet”

I can’t remember who stopped by and mentioned a “No Buy July”, but I loved the idea. All bets are off until July though.

Last week I finished

I’m currently reading


My husband listened to…

We were traveling. I was a captive audience.


What I’m Watching

I watched Sandra Padilla win La Reina de la Canción and I am sad that the show is over.


On the Blog and On the ‘Net

As I said, I was so lazy and didn’t post anything. I mainly lurked on blogs and tried to get to everyone on the #GetSocial17 event hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup.

Here’s to another week of reading!

Life, The Universe and Everything

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 6/12/17

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week. This meme started with J Kaye’s Blog and then was taken up by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn at the Book Date.

The Book Diet

Ha! Let’s just say I’m using the word “diet” ironically. I’m starting to think that the only way I can avoid buying books is to stay away from any book related blogs or apps and I’m not doing that.

I’m lazy, so I’ll just leave you with some pictures of this week’s spree (Imagine me wildly  clicking…WHEE!!! BUY ALL THE THINGS!)

Last week I read

I only managed to finish two books: Runaways Vol. 1 and The Liberal Redneck Manifesto. I was mildly entertained by both. My husband recommended Runaways. I liked it, but I like Manga more. For one thing, Manga is lighter, as in “weighs less”. I think I strained my neck trying to read Runaways. Why is the book so.stinking.heavy?

I think the Liberal Rednecks are smart guys and they make great arguments, but I’m not sure they translate well to print (to borrow a phrase from a fellow Litten.) I did find a video of them on YouTube and enjoyed listening to them. I wonder if the audiobook would have been a better choice. Ah well.

I’m currently reading

I’m still plugging away on The Hate U Give. I also joined a Litsy readalong for Gone With the Wind. I was supposed to have the first 8 chapters read by Sunday. I managed to get finish the 8th chapter at 11:05 PM on Sunday.

I’m currently Listening to…

Screenshot_20170607-83507I decided on a Great Courses lecture. I’m a real fan of John McWhorter and I’ve listened to another of his lectures, Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths of Language Usage. I’m currently listening to The Story of Human Language. There is some repeat information, but I’m still really enjoying it.

What I’m Watching

Ugh. I started to realize I’m watching too much TV and it makes me crazy and distracted. I wasn’t  getting enough quiet time. My eyes were tired all the time as well. So I did try to cut down on the TV a little. I’m not sure I was that successful. My husband and I got into another K-drama-Personal Taste with Lee Min Ho. It’s an older one. It’s  much lighter than Goblin. I’m hoping I can talk my husband into The Legend of the Blue Sea next time (I’m going for a Lee Min Ho theme.)

In the kitchen

I didn’t set off the fire alarm at all this week. Yay me!

On the needles and hooks

Almost every project I’m working is mindless double crochet and all seem to be based on a granny square. Perfect for TV watching and audio booking.

I managed to utterly screw up the baby blanket I was working on so I’ll have to start over.

On the Blog and On the ‘Net

I looked more into Bloglovin’. Apparently there is a plug in for it. Unfortunately I’m on the  cheap WordPress plan and I can’t install plugins. *sad face*

I’ve been making my way through the Get Social list on Herding Cats and Burning Soup.

I actually posted THREE posts!! I shared my Sol Book box, babbled about random crap and got all pedantic and bitchy. I’ve got a post in the works describing my reading style.

Here’s to another week of reading!

Language (General)

I’m a Pedantic, Pretentious Bitch

There. I said it. Vocabulary mix ups and grammar slips drive me insane. Not necessarily in conversation. You can’t be expected to speak with absolute perfection in an off the cuff chat.

I do have problems with misuse of words on sites were someone is supposedly being proofread. Over the last few years I’ve noticed that loath and loathe are constantly mixed up. And I loathe it. Of course, I am loath to complain because I mess things up all the time. I am far from being a writer. I just let my fingers fly. But this error in particular is getting on my last nerve. Mainly because it makes me doubt myself. Every.damn.time.

Seriously. I see some one write “I loath peas. I have never been able to eat them.” and my eye starts to twitch. Then I start to doubt my very knowledge of the two words. I will google “loath vs loathe” and breathe a sigh of relief. Whew. I *do* still know the difference. Still, why is the error being made so often? Or do I just notice it more?

And why am a such a judgemental bitch about it?

Tune in next time for rein vs reign (and my embarrassment at discovering I made the mistake!)

Note: You can bet your sweet bippy I tried to proofread this post. But we all know what happens when you are proofreading your own work, right? Oh, and karma is a judgemental bitch too, so I’m watching out for her 🙂

Life, The Universe and Everything

Random Thoughts 2 (6/7/17)

  • Sometimes I wonder if I would be a better, more focused reader if I focused less on output.
  • Note to self – your Litsyversary is March 7.
  • Would twitter be a better medium for random thoughts?….Nah…
  • Another Note to self: it doesn’t matter how long (or short!) your posts are.
  • I wonder if I should be worried that it takes me a week to write the “It’s Monday” posts…
  • I’m blogoverwhelmed. I can’t stop by every single one every single day. I will try to be content with making pertinent comments and visiting when I can.
  • Focus is overrated.
  • Maybe I should get in the habit of turning off my phone every night…and morning…and all day…
  • You’ve used the word “focus” or some iteration of it too many times. What’s up with that?

We now interrupt this post of random one-shot thoughts for an entire paragraph (or three or four…)

I am completely baffled by technology. When I was blogging 7 years ago, I used Blogger. I was there for 5 years. Don’t even ask why I chose WordPress when I decided to come back. I just did (I think it had to do with some bad Blogger experiences.)

Anyhoo, it now seems like I have various online profiles. One for blogger, and one for WordPress. Commenting on a WordPress blog is generally easy…until WordPress decides to randomly kick me out and I have to sign in…again (at least a once a week occurrence.)

Following blogs seems to confound me too. Again, it’s easy if it’s a WordPress blog (and WordPress hasn’t kicked me out.) There’s Bloglovin’ and I follow some people that way. Unfortunately Bloglovin’ is not available for WordPress blogs, so my apologies to those of you out there who want to follow that way.

I am utterly overwhelmed by ALL THE BLOG THINGS.

Books and Reading

Sol Book Box

A few Mondays ago I mentioned that I was lurking on the La Phoenikera blog. Thanks to a post there, I learned about Sol Book Box, a  book box subscription service which promotes bilingual bookwormism. I don’t have young children and there’s no reason for me to sign up for this service….but I did anyway.

I got my box in May and I finally took the time to open it and snap some crappy pictures so I could share with y’all.

The Box. Corgi not included.

Obviously when you open the box there is packing material. No surprises there. I did like the “what’s in the box” card though. Inside there was a mask, a green kid-sized cape and some stickers. (Wow I take crappy pictures. Also, please ignore the havoc my cats have wreaked on my couch.)

Quick Book Review


Esteban has this cape. He loves it, but it is kind of boring and doesn’t really help him do anything cool like fly. He does eventually find a good use for it though.

I thought this was a really sweet book. I particularly liked the use he found for his cape. Maybe I was overthinking, but I thought it was a nice reminder that males can be caretakers too.

I read it really more as a Spanish teacher and couldn’t help but think it would be a great tool for present tense verbs. The sentences are simple and I don’t think it would be too intimidating for the end of Spanish 1 or as review for Spanish 2. It would also be a good way to show that you can’t always have word for word translations. 

Life, The Universe and Everything

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 6/5/17

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week. This meme started with J Kaye’s Blog and then was taken up by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn at the Book Date.

The Book Diet

I swear I started my book diet June 1st. It lasted until June 2nd. Thanks to the It’s Monday blog touring I did last week, I purchased the following books:

  • Diary of a Tokyo Teen: A Japanese-American Girl Travels to the Land of Trendy Fashion, High-Tech Toilets and Maid Cafes
  • Las mil y una telenovelas by Cecilia Absatz
  • Flying Witch Volume 1 by Chihiro Ishizuka
  • The Only Girl in China by Eric Qiao

Then I was all “I can do this. I won’t buy books.”

Until I decided I wanted to read Bakuman. So I restarted my book diet at 8 AM June 2nd.

But BookBub sent some great deals on Friday. I couldn’t say no to Crscent by Diana Abu-Jaber

Then Sunday rolled around and the ladies on We Live and Breathe Books  posted about I Belive in a Thing Called Love.

I don’t even know why I bother with book diets.

Last week I read and heard

I managed to fisnish four books!!! The fourth volume of Princess Jellyfish was just as delightful as the first 3. It Ain’t So Awful Falafel is billed as being for grades 4-7, but I don’t think that should stop any adults from reading it. I got into a real knitting and crochet groove so I also listened to audiobooks more. I finished God is Disappointed in You. I got quite a few laughs out of it.  I spent most of my time listening to White Rage with my mouth gaping open in horror. The part about how states fought integration? It sounds just like charter school/school choice today. And I feel so stupid for my ignorance of history.

Even though 4 books were finished, I’m far from declaring the slump over.

I’m currently reading

There was a buddy read on Litsy for The Hate U Give. It was May 20th. I’m finally reading it now. I can’t participate in the discussion, but I don’t think it’s a book I should skip.

I’ve been dabbling in The Liberal Redneck Manifesto, Alma, Royal Scandal and Crime Does Not Pay. They are all  quick reads…or they should be, but I can’t seem to pay attention for very long. I really need to pick one to focus on at a time.

I’m currently Listening to…


I haven’t decided what I want to listen to yet. I’m leaning toward a Great Courses lecture by John McWhorter (I’m his #1 fan….love that guy.)

What I’m Watching

*sigh* The Turkish series ended on Friday. I was slightly disappointed by it. Ah well. Life goes on. Tuesday a new Turkish series starts (Volver a Amar) and it sounds just like a romance novel with the two protagonists brought together under wild circumstances. I hope it’s good.

Galavision started its summer programming last week. My friend on El Cohete (there’s a link in the sidebar) is calling it Teen Summer. They are showing Rebelde, Lola Érase una vez and CLAP: El lugar de tus sueños. CLAP is perhaps the cheesiest Fame/Chorus Line/Center Stage/Girls Just Want to Have Fun mashup I’ve ever seen (all credit to La Diva del Desierto for that description.) Thanks to CLAP I am learning that I am really a 12 year old. I am having way too much fun watching it. Please don’t look it up on IMDB. If you do, please don’t judge me for my horrible taste in television.

My husband and I finsihed up Goblin. I think it broke me. I was able to live with the ending, but the show as a whole was just filled with so much heartache and tears. I laid down the law and told my husband our next choice is going to be something utterly fluffy. Don’t get me wrong, Goblin is an amazing show and perhaps the most beautifully filmed K-Drama I’ve ever seen. It just wrung me out emotionally.

In the kitchen

I was feeling decadent and I ordered a dessert add-on from Plated: no churn ice-cream. Now I know a useful ice cream hack. This could be really dangerous. Yes, I am aware that everyone already knows how to use heavy cream and condensed milk to make ice cream. I live under a rock.

On the needles

I finished up an afghan that I started waaay back during Bosch Season 2. It’s cookie monster blue, acrylic and hideous. And I love it. There was yarn left over so I made this cool Cocoon Shrug. Mine doesn’t look half as nice as the ones pictured on Ravelry (see: cookie monster blue and acrylic), but it serves it’s purpose. I think I would like to make another one and not be so sloppy about it.

On the Blog and On the ‘Net

I posted about my math hangups and wrapped up May with a side of June goals. Anna on Herding Cats and Burning Soup (and hot damn she drops the F-bomb….looove herrrr!) organized a Blogger Social that I joined and posted an intro for. I’ll be doing some visiting this week! *waves to visitors*

Here’s to another week of reading!