For years I had a knitting blog. Not content to just knit and write about my knitting, I read a lot of articles about “blog building” and getting traffic. I still ask myself why I even cared. Just like this blog, I was just doing it for me.

There’s a lot of advice out there for bloggers. I have thoughts about some of it.

Know your niche

I think that means “focus”. That is damn near impossible for me. I have things to say about damn near everything. My brain does not shut up.

What’s my “niche” if I want to write about books, my Jewish self, grammar, knitting or my cat?

So screw niche. I’m not going to create several blogs for all of my categories. I’m going to write about whatever my scattered little heart and brain want to discuss. I’m a selfish blogger.

(Of course, now that I’m thinking about it “I have thoughts” just might be my theme/niche, but doesn’t everyone?)

Post Length

Apparently optimal SEO blog post length is 1,500 words.

Hell. No.

I should probably just utilize my Twitter account more, but I use that for news. With a blog I might attract some like minds and we might actually have a conversation. In the same place. Not on individual twitter feeds with “@” signs. My brain doesn’t function that way.

(I just checked. This post only has 200ish words and I’m already feeling “done”.”)


I’ve actually seen this. A little drama is “good.”

Been there, done that. I’ll pass thank you.


Giving stuff away is a huge draw, so they say. About the only thing I’m willing to part with is my clutter and I’m sure you have your own. You don’t want mine.

This is The End

Here we are. I’ve run out of things to say on the topic. Even with the knitting blog, I had trouble ending posts. I always sort of felt like I was mumbling “Well, um. so. um. thanks. glad you dropped by *mumble* *mumble*” Even worse, I had the uncontrollable urge to sign off with “Tune in next time!” or something cutesy. I’m really not cutesy. I think  there’s  advice out there to “be yourself”, but myself tends to be rather crusty and profane. I doubt anyone would come back if I signed off with “Thanks for dropping by, now f*ck off.”

PS: If you came here looking for bookish talk, it’s coming. I swear.

1 thought on “Advice”

  1. I would, but I’m funny that way.

    Most blog advice just annoys me, except for the “Be Yourself” kind. If I wanted to complete assignments and fulfill writing requirements, I’d take a class or something.


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