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April Wrap-up

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BUJO of the lazy and cynical

In hindsight, it might have been better to work on this post all month. Meh. Planning ahead is for punks.

Total: 21

Dead-tree: 7

Kindle: 10

Audio: 4

ROOTs: 3
(ROOT stands for Read Our Own Tomes. It’s a group on LibraryThing and the goal is to read books that you already own as opposed to buying books. I really suck at that. I generally read 1 ROOT for every 10 books I buy or check out from the library.)

I would pat myself on the back for the fact that 11 of the books were from the library, but I also bought a bunch of books and didn’t read very many of my own books. One of these days I’m going to stop caring about the ROOT to New Book ratio. Today is not that day.

Overall I am very pleased with how much I managed to read. I have a couple of weather days to thank for that. When school gets cancelled twice in one week, you get a lot of reading done.

Because I felt so successful in April I decided to raise my Goodreads challenge goal to 126. This probably means that all my reading is going to come to a screeching halt. In fact, it already kind of has. I didn’t read a thing yesterday and today isn’t looking much better. I’ve got a backlog on the DVR, the 3rd season of Bosch is available AND Las chicas del cable is now streaming on Netflix.

Books and Reading

A Love Letter to Litsy

SmartSelectImage_2017-04-27-07-35-03In March of this year I read about Litsy on the Book Riot website. The timing couldn’t have more perfect. It was the week before spring break and I was in a mild reading slump. I decided to try it out and it hit all the right notes for me.


It’s been described as the marriage of Goodreads and Instagram. It’s an apt description. I also like to think of it as “what happens when Goodreads and Instagram decide to focus and get rid of the clutter.”

Litsy is nothing but readers and books. While there are publishers and professional book people there, it still feels like it’s everyday readers generating most of the content. I love it.

Shame Free

I admit it.  I have book shame. I am a lazy, lazy reader and I don’t want to feel taxed when reading. I read what most people would consider to be of low literary merit (Yes, I realize I should not compare myself with others and I should revel in my love of Nancy Drew. I’m still working on that.).

On Litsy I get none of that shame. Something about seeing readers and their books in their own habitat seems to validate my own book feelings. Just seeing everyone’s shelves jammed with books that they haven’t read yet makes me feel better about my own possibly out of control book-buying habits.

Like = No Pressure = Introvert Paradise

Littens (the absolutely perfect term for people on Litsy….I guess you’re a Luppy if you prefer dogs?) get me. They understand the introvert struggle. On Litsy I feel like a downright extrovert!

My favoriteist thing is the “like heart”. I just scroll away and read blurbs and like all the things and BOOM! I’m like participatory and sh*t. I swear if everything in life had a “like” button I would be the queen of social interaction. Every blog should have the option of liking all the comments (note to self: look into that.)

I can participate on group activities like BuddyReads or Photo Challenges (like the monthly one hosted by Real Life Reading.) and never have to leave my house. I know there are things like this on Goodreads and LibraryThing, but they seem so…organized. I lurk by nature. Because of that, it always feels a little like a waste of time to be in a group if I’m not adding anything or participating. I need something loosey goosey. Have hashtag, will participate…or not. Even if I am not adding to the conversation daily, there are stil other things I can be doing on Litsy.


Yup. Animals. I worship the #catsoflitsy and the #dogsoflitsy. I’m on a first name basis with some of them (Hi, Max! Hi, Bitsy!)

If you’re on Litsy, feel free to look me up. I’m Sace over there.


Blog Goals 

  • Post regularly.
  • Tweak the theme/look (my daughter’s blog is prettier and I’m petty enough to be jealous.)
  • Let go of my ideas about there being a “right” way to blog.
  • Stay focused…. I think? Right now I am obsessed with books and reading, but is it enough to maintain a blog?
  • Hmmm maybe I should think a little bit about my purpose? Because right now it’s not much more than “babble and gush about books and reading.”

Updated to add this image. It’s hilarious! I met a goal I didn’t even know I had!


Trying Again…

Oh my. It’s been quite while, hasn’t it?

I’m going to try this one more time. My goal is to blog at least once a week in the month of May. So right now I’m puttering around my blog house and neatening things up and rearranging the furniture. Feel free to look around.

I’m really not much of a writer. I tend to just run off at the mouth and hit publish. I want to be a better writer/blogger. Hopefully by only blogging once a week that means I’ll take my time in writing and editing. I know myself pretty well though and I can totally see me sitting down once a week and firing off a post, hitting publish and calling it a day. I’m going to have to be disciplined. I need to set aside time each day to work on a post (or maybe every other day.)

I also really need to play around with WordPress more and learn what I can do. Today I figured out how to add an image to a post. So no you can see the covers of all the books I’ve read so far in 2017.

Until next week!

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