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April Wrap-up

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BUJO of the lazy and cynical

In hindsight, it might have been better to work on this post all month. Meh. Planning ahead is for punks.

Total: 21

Dead-tree: 7

Kindle: 10

Audio: 4

ROOTs: 3
(ROOT stands for Read Our Own Tomes. It’s a group on LibraryThing and the goal is to read books that you already own as opposed to buying books. I really suck at that. I generally read 1 ROOT for every 10 books I buy or check out from the library.)

I would pat myself on the back for the fact that 11 of the books were from the library, but I also bought a bunch of books and didn’t read very many of my own books. One of these days I’m going to stop caring about the ROOT to New Book ratio. Today is not that day.

Overall I am very pleased with how much I managed to read. I have a couple of weather days to thank for that. When school gets cancelled twice in one week, you get a lot of reading done.

Because I felt so successful in April I decided to raise my Goodreads challenge goal to 126. This probably means that all my reading is going to come to a screeching halt. In fact, it already kind of has. I didn’t read a thing yesterday and today isn’t looking much better. I’ve got a backlog on the DVR, the 3rd season of Bosch is available AND Las chicas del cable is now streaming on Netflix.

5 thoughts on “April Wrap-up”

    1. I wrote down everything I read, but didn’t really keep a running post going. I’ve already go the draft of my May post ready. Hopefully I’ll keep up with it.

      I’ve seen some great, detailed wrap up posts and I’m in awe.

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