Life, The Universe and Everything

May Goals (Which May or May Not Be Reading Related)

School is almost over and then the REAL reading can begin. I just have to make it through the next few weeks without completely losing my mind. I’ve got 5 goals this month and I’m prepared to fail at all of them and I fully expect to have to carry them over to June.

Goal 1: Tackle the TBR

The world is my TBR so I don’t really decide ahead of time what books I’ll read. I just kind of pick books up on a whim and start reading. That doesn’t stop me from making TBR lists all over Goodreads and Litsy, not to mention the Amazon Wishlists (plural.) So I would like to try to consolidate a little this month. For sure I want to get my long-ass Litsy TBR list cleared up and switched over to Goodreads. Or maybe it should all just be my Amazon wish list? That makes it awfully easy to purchase with One-click. Hmmm. Yeah. I’ll just move it to Goodreads. The more steps between me and the One-click button the better. (I’ll just ignore that Goodreads has convenient shopping buttons too.)

Goal 2: ROOTs

I seriously need to stop shopping for books. I’ve got plenty already on my shelves. I need to focus on those this month. I need to go on a book-buying diet.

Goal 3: To Be a Better Litten

I waffle about being online and networking on social media. It’s not like I own a business or I’m trying to make a living with my *snort* “writing”, but I do like to connect with people. So I join and unjoin all kinds of online spaces and quickly become overwhelmed by the chatter. I struggle with a talking/listening balance (for lack of better terms.) I admit I love to “talk”, but I could be better at “listening.” I want to listen more this month.

Goal 4: To Focus, To Manage My Time Wisely and To Prioritize

If I’m overwhelmed by things, it’s my own fault…because I swear everything seems to be a priority to me.  I can’t seem to settle on one activity because I enjoy them all. I can’t decide on one book to read because I like them all. I can’t decide on one telenovela to watch because I am entertained by them all. I can’t work on just one blog post at a time because I have a lot of ideas (and you can be sure every idea will be executed poorly!)

Goal 5: To Not Beat Myself Up

I figure that’s pretty self-explanatory, but it’s sort of tied to Goal 4. If most of what I spend time doing is really just for hobby, fun or relaxation then why do I care if I put up enough blog posts or kept up with a TV show or finished a squillion books or not?

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