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Random Thoughts 1 (5/16/17)

My brain is always “on”. It’s not really doing anything productive. It just wanders along.  I need some content. Why not share my wondering wanders on unsuspecting victims with you? To that end I began Random Thoughts. These are posts where I plop my thoughts. There’s no schedule. I could tweet this shit, but Twitter can be scary AF.

  • Can you post too much on Litsy? How many posts per day would constitute spamming?
  • When I’m linking a book, what should I use? Amazon? Goodreads? Publisher? Or do I even want to bother? (Because lazy.)
  • Is it OK that Slack completely overwhelms me?
  • There’s got to be a way to hide my blog stats. I need to protect myself from obsessing since THEY AREN’T IMPORTANT STOP SHOWING THEM TO ME.
  • I have no problem DNF-ing a print book or kindle. Why is it so hard for me to DNF an audiobook?
  • It’s ok if all I have is 10 minutes. I can’t interact with everyone every day. Dear self, repeat after you, BALANCE.
  • What the hell is the difference between page views and visitors? How is it even possible that they are different?
  • I like “pre-fab” posts (Like “It’s Monday!” and “Top Ten Tuesday”) It really helps me create content and find new blogs to read.
  • I’m pretty uncomfortable about self-promotion. I mean, I’m just rambling over here. What’s there to promote?

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 1 (5/16/17)”

  1. I love reading your thoughts!– both on here and on Litsy! And I also hate DNFing audiobooks! Maybe it’s the sunk cost fallacy in action– like it takes so much time to listen to them that I feel like I have to finish (also, they’re expensive!).

    Also, re: page views vs. visitors: each visitor can go to multiple pages on your site (and so you can have multiple views per visitor).

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    1. You rock! Thanks for answering the question about visitors vs page views.

      And I hear you in audiobook cost. I understand it, but it does make it harder to DNF. It’s easy to DNF that book I bought at the garage sale, but I will torture myself before I DNF an audiobook. I need to use my library more for audiobooks.


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