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Sol Book Box

A few Mondays ago I mentioned that I was lurking on the La Phoenikera blog. Thanks to a post there, I learned about Sol Book Box, a  book box subscription service which promotes bilingual bookwormism. I don’t have young children and there’s no reason for me to sign up for this service….but I did anyway.

I got my box in May and I finally took the time to open it and snap some crappy pictures so I could share with y’all.

The Box. Corgi not included.

Obviously when you open the box there is packing material. No surprises there. I did like the “what’s in the box” card though. Inside there was a mask, a green kid-sized cape and some stickers. (Wow I take crappy pictures. Also, please ignore the havoc my cats have wreaked on my couch.)

Quick Book Review


Esteban has this cape. He loves it, but it is kind of boring and doesn’t really help him do anything cool like fly. He does eventually find a good use for it though.

I thought this was a really sweet book. I particularly liked the use he found for his cape. Maybe I was overthinking, but I thought it was a nice reminder that males can be caretakers too.

I read it really more as a Spanish teacher and couldn’t help but think it would be a great tool for present tense verbs. The sentences are simple and I don’t think it would be too intimidating for the end of Spanish 1 or as review for Spanish 2. It would also be a good way to show that you can’t always have word for word translations. 

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