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Random Thoughts 2 (6/7/17)

My brain is always “on”. It’s not really doing anything productive. It just wanders along.  I need some content. Why not share my wondering wanders on unsuspecting victims with you? To that end I began Random Thoughts. These are posts where I plop my thoughts. There’s no schedule. I could tweet this shit, but Twitter can be scary AF.

  • Sometimes I wonder if I would be a better, more focused reader if I focused less on output.
  • Note to self – your Litsyversary is March 7.
  • Would twitter be a better medium for random thoughts?….Nah…
  • Another Note to self: it doesn’t matter how long (or short!) your posts are.
  • I wonder if I should be worried that it takes me a week to write the “It’s Monday” posts…
  • I’m blogoverwhelmed. I can’t stop by every single one every single day. I will try to be content with making pertinent comments and visiting when I can.
  • Focus is overrated.
  • Maybe I should get in the habit of turning off my phone every night…and morning…and all day…
  • You’ve used the word “focus” or some iteration of it too many times. What’s up with that?

We now interrupt this post of random one-shot thoughts for an entire paragraph (or three or four…)

I am completely baffled by technology. When I was blogging 7 years ago, I used Blogger. I was there for 5 years. Don’t even ask why I chose WordPress when I decided to come back. I just did (I think it had to do with some bad Blogger experiences.)

Anyhoo, it now seems like I have various online profiles. One for blogger, and one for WordPress. Commenting on a WordPress blog is generally easy…until WordPress decides to randomly kick me out and I have to sign in…again (at least a once a week occurrence.)

Following blogs seems to confound me too. Again, it’s easy if it’s a WordPress blog (and WordPress hasn’t kicked me out.) There’s Bloglovin’ and I follow some people that way. Unfortunately Bloglovin’ is not available for WordPress blogs, so my apologies to those of you out there who want to follow that way.

I am utterly overwhelmed by ALL THE BLOG THINGS.

19 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 2 (6/7/17)”

    1. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. I need to learn to balance and schedule my time better….especially when the school year starts again!


  1. I have the worst time commenting on WordPress blogs. It leaves me frustrated most days: 😦 I’m on blogger.
    You should be able to do wordpress blogs on Bloglovin. I follow many of them over there. I switched to Feedly for my following recently, though. It’s like Bloglovin 🙂

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    1. LOL. I’m the opposite. I prefer WordPress. I do most of my browsing on my phone and tablet. A lot of the blogger blogs I’ve come across don’t seem to be set for mobile devices, so it makes it hard to read on my devices.

      I’ve been using Bloglovin’ as well. I wonder if Feedly is available for WordPress. I’d like to make Bloglovin’ an option for my readers, but I don’t think I can because it’s WordPress.


  2. Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging and social media, but I think other bloggers are cool with that and understand. I love your random thoughts. Hugs…RO #Getsocial17

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    1. I do find the blogging community very understanding…thank goodness! I tend to jump right in without thinking so all of the sudden I’ve got an inbox full of “New posts from ____ blog” and not enough time!


  3. My daughter actually bought me my blog 2 years ago for an early Christmas present. It’s hosted on WordPress/Hostgator and she tells me now she wishes she had tried to do it on Blogger. She says the features are easier to use and the domain cheaper to pay for. But we’re sticking with WordPress. I liked your random thoughts. Have a great weekend! #GetSocial2017


    1. I have it set up so all my posts also post in twitter, but I’ve got like 4 twitter followers so I’m not sure it really matters. Lots of folks have mentioned feedly. I need to look into that.


  4. I get overwhelmed in the blogging world as well. It takes me so much time to put together my own content, and then other things in life happen, and well, visiting other blogs somehow always gets left in the back seat. That is strange that you can’t offer Bloglovin as a follow method. That is what I use right now. #GetSocial17

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    1. Omigosh yes! Just writing a post for my own blog can take days.

      I wish I new why WordPress and Bloglovin can’t seem to work together. Maybe I just need to investigate further.


    1. It’s been interesting hearing from everyone. Maybe it depends on how we’re all getting to the blogs. As I’ve said, I do most things on my phone or tablet and most of the blogger blogs I visit haven’t been optimized for mobile making it almost impossible to read a post, much less make a comment. 🙂

      To each his own I guess, but I do also wish I could provide everyone with their preference. 😦

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