Calladito Te Ves Más Bonito, Asshole

Watch out, folks. I’m in a ragey, ranty, profanity mood. I am hasta aquí con los esutpideces de todos los dudebros watching my telenovelas.

Yes, I watch telenovelas. They are my guilty pleasure (there’s another soapbox subject.) I know, I know. No one takes them seriously. Somehow they are a rung below reality shows (explain that shit to me.) AND the comments I see from these…male idiots… aren’t helping.

  • I’d pop it and drop it.
  • I’d hit it and quit it.
  • Why didn’t she fight back?
  • I teach my daughter to hit, scream, scratch…
  • If I had a daughter….(this from the same guy who says he teaches his daughter to fight back…if you’re going to pretend to be something you aren’t, keep your story straight.)
  • The First Lady of Mexico is hot. I’d do her.
  • Why are her hips so huge? No, really…they’re huge! (That’s not the point of this show…or any of these shows.)
  • Mexicans sure like sniffing things, don’t they?

I shit you not I have seen these comments. I understand that I can just keep to myself and I don’t have to read these comments…but I still want to bitch about it. The people making telenovelas are actually trying to turn things around and make better quality shows. And even if they weren’t, stop acting like the lowest common denominator is the only thing worth talking about.

Telenovelas are actually made for men and women, but lately I’ve been seeing too many of these kinds of comments and it’s pissing me off. Spanish language tweets and blogs sure as hell don’t sound like this so what gives with (male) English-language audiences? Somehow I blame Joel McHale for this.

And just in case some of those twerps see this…I’ve been called a dry-hole, old biddy cat-hoarder and a Nazi before, it’s really not going to phase me anymore. Besides, I think that just makes my point.

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