Books and Reading

February Productivity Report

That was sarcasm.

I read a whopping 6 books. The longest one was an audiobook. This slump is crushing my spirit, but this too shall pass.



Dead Tree: Lady Killer, Condorito 2do Libro
Audio: The Teacher Wars
Digital: The First Rule of Punk, Witchfinder (Library), Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns (Library)

Best of the Month

Lady Killer

I absolutely adore this series. It’s incredibly violent but the art is amazing. It nails the late 50’s early 60’s aesthetic. I’ll just be over here drumming my fingers waiting for the next volume.

Least favorite


Eh. The art was ok. I had a hard time following the story. I suspect that is a symptom of the slump and not necessarily a reflection of the book.

4 thoughts on “February Productivity Report”

    1. December was a great month for me. I think I read 2 book in January (maybe it was too) and that was with an unexpected week off of work for snow!

      I can’t praise Lady Killer enough.


  1. Sometimes I do think that what is happening for us does affect how we feel about a book, happened to me recently with one I should have loved but just didn’t quite get there. The Teacher Wars interests me.

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    1. Teacher Wars was very good. At the same time it is very frustrating, especially if you teach. The problems of the profession really haven’t changed in over a century. 😦


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