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The Slump

Let me just fire off a quick, rambling, pointless post before I go to work.

I am in a reading slump. I don’t think I’ve read more than 10 books this year. The majority of the ones I have managed to read are under a hundred pages or audiobooks.

It sucks.

What’s worse is I’m wondering if maybe I’m getting dumber? Like…Maybe I can’t read books with lots of words anymore? Even the comics/graphic novels I’ve read haven’t quite interested me.

Or is the internet to blame? The more time I spend on the computer the less I seem able to concentrate. That’s a thing, right? I know I’ve taken breaks from the internet before and found it easier to concentrate, but then I find myself disconnected from people (You’ll have to forgive me if I prefer to get my social fix via blogs and Twitter. Talking to people in real life can make me anxious…or angry.)

I read at whim and I can also be a mood reader. But what do you do when you don’t know what mood you are in?

Ugh. Just ugh.

Dear universe, please send me a book that completely engages me (but not too many words, ok?)

4 thoughts on “The Slump”

  1. I noticed that I wasn’t taking enough advantage of my Kindle Unlimited subscription to make it worth it. For a while I was devouring entire romance series but it felt like I either ran out of them or they didn’t suit my mood anymore. And I couldn’t find anything else that did..

    Also, since most of my reading is on my phone and now I’m supposed to be wearing glasses for screen reading, I read a lot less. I don’t want to take my glasses to bed with me!

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    1. Oh boy. I’ve got kindle unlimited guilt too. I know I don’t use it enough to make it worth it.

      Note to self – Cancel kindle unlimited.

      Ha! I have to wear glasses all the time so they go to bed with me.


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