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International Women’s Day 2018

Let’s fire off another post before work, shall we? Nothing says “I care about my blog” like half-assed posts.

Soooo…it’s Intertational Women’s Day. I’m going to be honest here, things like International Women’s Day, Hispanic Heritage Month etc sort of annoy me. Now hear me out…Every Valentine’s Day my students ask “What did your husband do for Valentine’s day?” and I tell them “He treats me right all year long and I prefer that to special treatment once-a-year.” I kind of feel that way about International Women’s Day and other special celebrations of diversity. Why don’t we just fix shit and live up to all our lip flapping about equality and inclusion?

I do understand why we need these special days, but I really wish we could stop using them as an excuse to not keep working on doing the right thing.

Ok, I”ll step off the soapbox of half-formed opinions and get to my point (I have one! Yay!)

In honor of this auspicious day I thought I would share some female authors….

Ladies I Have Read

Carolyn Keene: Sure Nancy Drew is the Whitest of the White Bread, but I can’t resist her.

Charlotte Brontë: I love Jane Eyre. I am saddened that Offspring does not. I have failed as a parent.

CLAMP: All women manga writers. Cardcapor Sakura and XXX-Holic– you owe it to yourself to read these.

Laura Esquivel: Granted I’ve only read Como Agua Para Chocolate, but it’s enough to know she’s brilliant.

Isabel Allende: I picked up The House of the Spirits in Albertson’s before a beach trip in high school. All I remember about that trip is the couch where I spent all my time reading it.

Jesmyn Ward: The Men We Reaped was a powerful read and I need to read more from her.

And really there are so many more, but I have to go to work sometime today…

Ladies I Am Currently Reading

Phoebe Robinson- I love your hair….but I promise not to touch it or even ask to. That’s just rude.

Ladies I NEED to Read…SOON

I really am embarrassed to admit that I haven’t read them…yet

Toni Morrison

Zora Neale Hurston

Emilia Pardo Bazán

Joan Didion


So tell me, who else should I read?



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