Mini Rants

Aw hell. She’s on the soapbox again.

Let me start with my self-directed rant…

To Me

  1. You don’t know who the hell you are do you? You’re white. Stop propping up your dead, olive-skinned, dark-haired, Spanish-speaking abuelo and your dead father of the same description (minus the Spanish-speaking) like you know shit. Your blue eyes and light skin give you privilege.
  2. That being said, have the balls ovarios to call out the white people who keep reminding you about all the Mexicans that have won the #OscarsSoWhite. THOSE GUYS ARE STILL WHITE. This is actually a thing in Mexico…you know, Eurocentric standards of beauty? (Mad props to the guys, but it gets old, ya know? It’s like some sort of diversity loophole and it pisses me off.)
  3. Number 1 having been said: Dear White People, let’s make a pact to shut up and actually listen to the narratives? Let’s not interrupt. Let’s educate ourselves. Special note to old white people (I’m there myself): Times they are a changin’. We can’t expect what worked for us to work for the generation after us. Why is this so hard?

To The Nameless Blog and its Female Owner Who Calls Herself a Feminist

  1. It is heartbreaking to see comments (usually from men) on your blog like “bipolar is code for nympho.” Have you ever, ever thought for just a nano-second about the bipolar person who might see that comment? Also, the comment to the one person who admits to being bipolar was “take your damn pills and shut up.” And it sat there….for days….
  2. In the same vein-it’s also annoying to see comment after comment about women’s bodies. A whole discussion on whether an actress has had her derriere surgically enhanced? Dear blog owner, do you have a daughter? The internet is gross enough without your “feminist” running of the blog.
  3. *sigh* Blog owner, blog owner. Listen to me. “Why didn’t she fight back” is NOT acceptable? Ever. Even if it is a female saying it.
  4. Blogging-you’re doing it wrong. You don’t ask others to write content for you for free (so you don’t have to) and then not even bother to protect them from harassment.  In fact, maybe most of the above complaints could be taken care of if you actually checked up on the damn blog-moderate comments, update the template to something post 2011, update the information on the homepage. Also, never, never tell the victim they were part of the problem.
  5. What the f*ck to do you even mean “too intersectional”?


  1. I give the side-eye to ANYONE who starts a sentence with “Not all….”
  2. This is just a personal rule, but it’s not #ownvoices if the author is not in fact actually PART of the group they are writing about.
  3. I would prefer to get my books about POC recommendations from *gasp* a POC.

Maybe I should just call this a “Blog about general bitchery”. It seems to be what I write most.

2 thoughts on “Mini Rants”

  1. “Diversity loophole.” *nod* that’s a good description.

    People from countries who were colonized by Spain and Portugal have a wide variety of “looks.” And Spain was already very multi-cultural/-ethnic/-racial before they came over here and started taking our stuff. We come in every hue of every color! And yes, it would be nice if we could get some representation besides just white Latinos. And those white Latinos need to start using that privilege they’ve got to create more opportunities for Latinos who aren’t as blonde and blue-eyed.

    I think some blog owners have the misguided idea that if you don’t let people say whatever crappy thing comes into their heads you’re stifling “free speech.” But don’t things like extended conversation of “has she or hasn’t she had work done” stifle the “free speech” of people who are disturbed enough by the conversation to WANT to say something, but getting the feeling if they speak up they’ll be speaking up alone? I say there are enough places on the Internet for trolls and dudebros and nobody needs to feel obligated to create more. I don’t NEED to hear how little I’m valued as a woman and as a Latina in the comment section of a favorite blog. And I’m not at all worried that somehow I’m going to end up in an echo chamber where I somehow become unaware of people’s hateful attitudes. We’ve got bigots in the White House. I sure as hell don’t need them in MY house!

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  2. “And those white Latinos need to start using that privilege they’ve got to create more opportunities for Latinos who aren’t as blonde and blue-eyed.”

    Word. It’s disheartening how much dismissing of Afrolatinos I’ve been seeing lately especially.


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