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Mid-Read Review With a Side of Soapbox

Sometimes you read a book that is just so damn good that you want to review it before you even finish. (And really by review I mean “gush” and “squee like a fan girl.”)


This book.



It’s hilarious. It’s truth. It’s uncomfortable (especially if you are a white woman of a certain age who unwittingly says and does stupid shit  #owningmyowntruth.)

And I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for page 54 .

Page 54 is not filled with profound truth-telling, but for some reason this one phrase about guilty pleasure stuck out and resonated with me.

What is it?

A suggested alternative to the phrase guilty pleasure: “Things You Are Strangely Proud of Liking Even Though They Clearly Prove You’re Kind of a Hot Sloppy Joe Mess”. It’s a work of Art. Everyone needs this in their life.

I  catch a lot of  flack from friends and family when it comes to my TV viewing and Nancy Drew reading. So seeing this I’m like “Hell yeah! I watch shows and read books that you deem to be crap. HAND ME SOME POTATO CHIPS AND BAKED BEANS TO ACCOMPANY MY HOT SLOPPY JOE MESS.”

As a female I particularly love this. It’s my half-baked opinion that “guilty pleasure” is a sexist term (and a half-assed google search reveals that maybe it’s not as half-baked as I thought) and Phoebe Robinson’s alternative has got me wanting to flip off any male who throws it at me. See? I’m strangely proud of all the ridiculous shit I like. I’ll take pleasure in it and not let anyone make me feel guilty.

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