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#BookishBloggersUnite-Women and Genre Writing

Bookish Bloggers Unite was formed when a group of like-minded writers decided they want to talk about books together. This week’s tag is Favorite Women Writers Across Multiple Genres and is being hosted by Sue at doddyaboutbooks. Anyone can join and it's never too late. Just head over to Sue's blog and add your link.… Continue reading #BookishBloggersUnite-Women and Genre Writing

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Hello, I’d like to talk to you about Litsy…

I think one of the earliest posts on the blog was about Litsy and my love affair hasn't abated. Litsy is basically Instagram for books (except we aren't all suspiciously perfect photographers.) It can feel overwhelming, but I have never seen a more helpful community and this Litten proves it: Chelleo's Litsy Tutorials on YouTube.… Continue reading Hello, I’d like to talk to you about Litsy…


Calladito Te Ves Más Bonito, Asshole

Watch out, folks. I'm in a ragey, ranty, profanity mood. I am hasta aquí con los esutpideces de todos los dudebros watching my telenovelas. Yes, I watch telenovelas. They are my guilty pleasure (there's another soapbox subject.) I know, I know. No one takes them seriously. Somehow they are a rung below reality shows (explain… Continue reading Calladito Te Ves Más Bonito, Asshole