Life, The Universe and Everything

Random Thoughts 2 (6/7/17)

  • Sometimes I wonder if I would be a better, more focused reader if I focused less on output.
  • Note to self – your Litsyversary is March 7.
  • Would twitter be a better medium for random thoughts?….Nah…
  • Another Note to self: it doesn’t matter how long (or short!) your posts are.
  • I wonder if I should be worried that it takes me a week to write the “It’s Monday” posts…
  • I’m blogoverwhelmed. I can’t stop by every single one every single day. I will try to be content with making pertinent comments and visiting when I can.
  • Focus is overrated.
  • Maybe I should get in the habit of turning off my phone every night…and morning…and all day…
  • You’ve used the word “focus” or some iteration of it too many times. What’s up with that?

We now interrupt this post of random one-shot thoughts for an entire paragraph (or three or four…)

I am completely baffled by technology. When I was blogging 7 years ago, I used Blogger. I was there for 5 years. Don’t even ask why I chose WordPress when I decided to come back. I just did (I think it had to do with some bad Blogger experiences.)

Anyhoo, it now seems like I have various online profiles. One for blogger, and one for WordPress. Commenting on a WordPress blog is generally easy…until WordPress decides to randomly kick me out and I have to sign in…again (at least a once a week occurrence.)

Following blogs seems to confound me too. Again, it’s easy if it’s a WordPress blog (and WordPress hasn’t kicked me out.) There’s Bloglovin’ and I follow some people that way. Unfortunately Bloglovin’ is not available for WordPress blogs, so my apologies to those of you out there who want to follow that way.

I am utterly overwhelmed by ALL THE BLOG THINGS.

Life, The Universe and Everything

Random Thoughts 1 (5/16/17)

My brain is always “on”. It’s not really doing anything productive. It just wanders along.  I need some content. Why not share my wondering wanders on unsuspecting victims with you?

  • Can you post too much on Litsy? How many posts per day would constitute spamming?
  • When I’m linking a book, what should I use? Amazon? Goodreads? Publisher? Or do I even want to bother? (Because lazy.)
  • Is it OK that Slack completely overwhelms me?
  • There’s got to be a way to hide my blog stats. I need to protect myself from obsessing since THEY AREN’T IMPORTANT STOP SHOWING THEM TO ME.
  • I have no problem DNF-ing a print book or kindle. Why is it so hard for me to DNF an audiobook?
  • It’s ok if all I have is 10 minutes. I can’t interact with everyone every day. Dear self, repeat after you, BALANCE.
  • What the hell is the difference between page views and visitors? How is it even possible that they are different?
  • I like “pre-fab” posts (Like “It’s Monday!” and “Top Ten Tuesday”) It really helps me create content and find new blogs to read.
  • I’m pretty uncomfortable about self-promotion. I mean, I’m just rambling over here. What’s there to promote?