Language (General)

I’m a Pedantic, Pretentious Bitch

There. I said it. Vocabulary mix ups and grammar slips drive me insane. Not necessarily in conversation. You can’t be expected to speak with absolute perfection in an off the cuff chat.

I do have problems with misuse of words on sites were someone is supposedly being proofread. Over the last few years I’ve noticed that loath and loathe are constantly mixed up. And I loathe it. Of course, I am loath to complain because I mess things up all the time. I am far from being a writer. I just let my fingers fly. But this error in particular is getting on my last nerve. Mainly because it makes me doubt myself. Every.damn.time.

Seriously. I see some one write “I loath peas. I have never been able to eat them.” and my eye starts to twitch. Then I start to doubt my very knowledge of the two words. I will google “loath vs loathe” and breathe a sigh of relief. Whew. I *do* still know the difference. Still, why is the error being made so often? Or do I just notice it more?

And why am a such a judgemental bitch about it?

Tune in next time for rein vs reign (and my embarrassment at discovering I made the mistake!)

Note: You can bet your sweet bippy I tried to proofread this post. But we all know what happens when you are proofreading your own work, right? Oh, and karma is a judgemental bitch too, so I’m watching out for her 🙂